Feb 28, 2009

Kickin' it at Kawangware Market

This Saturday was spent with my boys (principal calls me their "Mama") at the market, getting things like soap, pens, shoe polish, a few extra text books, some graph paper, padlocks for lockers and a calculator- exactly the kinds of things high school kids love to shop for on the weekend ;)... We also got Francis, Lino and Kuot some shiny new shoes!!! Theirs were broken and dirty, and they get scolded from their principal if they are not clean and proper looking at school. Abraham and Dennis will get theirs next week as they couldn't come with us today. In the photo, they have one old and one new shoe on- they were embarrassed that they looked silly while mine were matching... Oh- on a scary sidenote, we were approached at one point by a group of men and boys begging for money. I quickened my pace but looked back to see one of the men opening his coat to Lino, who was reaching for a coin- the only one he had, equaling 15 cents- from his pocket. He later told me the man showed him knives and threatened to kill him and "the white lady" if he didn't pay up. YIKES. Market trips and haggling for cheap shoes suddenly became less exciting.... this is me, Kuot and Lino.


lorib said...

Geez Kellee! Perhaps you've become so comfortable there that you are not paying as much attention to your surroundings as you should. Thank God you had your Guardian Angels with you watching over you.

It's wonderful to see all the good you are doing and all the small contriubutions made by a few Canadians are making such a difference in the lives of those young men.

Keep up the great work!

Rosemary said...

Kellee, I agree with lorib. Don't throw caution to the wind. Those are stories that mothers don't want to hear. Right Sue!
These days will stay with you forever and I know that are changing you to some degree. Looking forward to stories when you return,